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Partner program that works on the model of Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) in this case the payment of the user for an action is purchase of goods or payment for services.

Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) is one of the subsystems of payment model Cost-Per-Action (CPA), where remuneration follows after any target action done by user. Unlike other models of partner programs (Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Mille (CPM)), whose efficiency is difficult to measure, CPA is considered to be more productive. As the actions of the user confirm his interest in goods/product/ service.

This system is also more convenient for webmaster as he can see the dynamics of results of his traffic and on its base he can help to increase index.

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Interdomain tracking

A customer is not performing target actions at the same time when he sees an advertising. Our system has tracked actions of the user for 90 days since he followed your link.

Three-level system of referrals

The unique three level system attached to the status of webmaster is developed. With the help of this referral system you will get up to 15% of profit of your direct and indirect referrals.


Detailed traffic analytics

At any time, it possible to check complete information about the number of active sites and webmasters. You can see the share of unique visitors and find out conversion.

You pay for target actions

And nothing more. You pay only for actions of a customer on your resource. This can be the purchase of goods or services. All steps which you mention will be recorded by our system.